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Pressure Treated Wood Deck Frame with Green Preservative 
Hand Selecting Redwood Boards For Fences and Decks      Support post secured to steel column base and coated with preservative (high qulaity construction technique in Los Angeles area )      Figure 6: Close-up of hurricane ties used to strengthen joints (Los Angeles area construction technique)      Pressure Treated Wood Deck Frame with Green Preservative      Decorative Notched Arbor Detail  

Color Matched Wood Screws for Decks, Fences, Gates and Pergolas     Decorative Deck Board Pattern     Firepole Cutoff for A Free Standing Multilevel Wood Tree House - La Canada / Flingridge, CA      Framing For A Large Wooden Hexagonal Outdoor Dining & Entertaining Gazebo - Tarzana, CA      Closeup of Modern Style Pool Equipment Enclosure - Beverly Hills, CA

High Quality Construction Materials, Techniques and Details

To understand what you are paying for, it helps to know what a craftsman does to ensure the long life of your project. Using high quality construction materials designed for exterior use, using superior building methods and keeping an eye on the details ... makes what I do last longer and look better.

One of the ways I learned how to build better structures, was to study how they failed. So I made a point for the first few years of demolishing old structures at cost to learn more about why they needed to be replaced ... how and where they failed, and more importantly why.

Today, I use this knowledge to build stronger and more durable structures for my clients. And sharing a few of the things I do as basics will help you understand and spot builders who do things right.


High Quality Materials & Techniques

It all starts with high quality materials that are hand selected for your specific project and then assembled using superior building techniques.


Hand Selecting Redwood Boards For Fences and Decks

Support post secured to steel column base and coated with preservative (high qulaity construction technique in Los Angeles area )


Hand Select Materials

I look for the best wood I can get at the time -- and I am picky enough to sort through 400 fence boards to get the 100 I will accept. Sapwood, warped or waterlogged boards, splintered or cracked lumber is not acceptable if you want your project to last.

For example, I would reject the three boards on the left because of too much sapwood and uneven coloring.


Set Column Bases in Concrete

All my support posts are set above ground in heavy duty steel column bases, which are in turn set into deep concrete filled holes. The column bases hole the wood posts slightly above ground level, eliminating the widespread problem of posts rotting out at ground level.

Here, a coating of preservative has been applied to the bottom of the post.


Figure 6: Close-up of hurricane ties used to strengthen joints (Los Angeles area construction technique)

Pressure Treated Wood Deck Frame with Green Preservative


Use Heavy Duty, Exterior Grade Fasteners

All my fastners and screws are heavy duty and exterior grade to prevent early failure. I use fastners and screws that are specifically rated for the new pressure treated materials.

This close-up shows how I use hurricane ties to strengthen joints.


Apply Additional Preservative

I treat potential trouble spots and failure points with an additional application of wood preservative to protect against decay in these critical areas. Here, you can see the additional coating of green preservative applied to the top of the beams where they will come into contact with the decking boards.


High Quality Details

I also take the time to build things right by including construction details that make all the difference when it comes to high quality. These include ...

Decorative Notched Arbor Detail

Lattice Privacy Screen - Decorative Style - South Pasadena, California


Notched Beam Detail

This close up photo shows how beams can be notched and built up into tiers to create more visual interest.


Lattice Enclosure

A lattice privacy screen blocks an unwanted view into the neighbor's garden.



Color Matched Wood Screws for Decks, Fences, Gates and Pergolas

Decorative Deck Board Pattern


Use Color Matched Screws

I use a variety of exterior grade screws to avoid unsightly stains that over time create a dark run that drips down the wood.

In this example, the screws are color matched to the wood. In case you have trouble seeing them, the screw line starts just above the copyright sign.


Create Interesting Deck Board Patterns

A close up view of the square stitch pattern I used when laying the boards. I place deck seams directly above an extra wide cross beam for full support of both ends, as well as stagger them for strength and a more pleasing appearance.

To reduce splintering I round over deck edges. These are spaced 1/8 inch apart to allow for expansion.

More patterns




Permission is granted to anyone who wants to
use my work for inspiration outside of the LA area.

Redwood Garden Arbor - Pasadena
Pasadena Mangaris TM deck before patio cover
Modern Horizontal Wood Fence - Los Angeles, CA
Wooden Treehouse with Club House - Malibu
Pool Equipment Enclosure - Beverly Hills, CA






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